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Thor Kottelin thor at
Thu Nov 25 14:56:37 UTC 1999

BIND Users Mailing List wrote:

> From: Marek Narkiewicz <marek at>

> As my computer
> was part of a subnet belonging to someone else how would I go about setting up
> a DNS server with correectly working forward and reverse lookup? Is this possible and if so do i
> need to get my ISP or internic to update any records or am I worrying unnecessarily and can I
> just make a SOA and just specify my machine in it?

I'm off-line right now, so I can't check the delegation for that class C
network. Presumably, however, it has been given to your ISP, so presumably
they can delegate your subnet to you (see RFC 2317 for how).

Another option would be for you to run DNS for your domains and keep
having the ISP run DNS for their network; reverse zones tend to need
updating less frequently than forward zones anyway.


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