Problem with just one zone, it won't update

Pancho Cole pancho at
Fri Nov 26 20:21:46 UTC 1999

(sheepishly) he said: I set the serial # on the primary lower than the
secondary. So never mind.......
Pancho Cole <pancho at> wrote in
< at wingate>: 

>I have a zone on an 8.2.2 machine, with the secondary on a
>4.9.7 machine. The primary is, the secondary is
> This is the largest zone on our server. I made a change
>on the primary, incremented the serial, did a reload on the primary,
>then a few minutes later on the secondary. The primary updates fine, it
>passes a delinting process using dlint and I can do a zone transfer
>fine. The secondary will not update. I turned on 2nd level debugging and
>tried a reload and did not see anything in the file. Doing a


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