Problem with just one zone, it won't update

Pancho Cole pancho at
Fri Nov 26 17:03:18 UTC 1999

I have a zone on an 8.2.2 machine, with the secondary on a 4.9.7 
machine. The primary is, the secondary is This 
is the largest zone on our server. I made a change on the primary, 
incremented the serial, did a reload on the primary, then a few minutes 
later on the secondary. The primary updates fine, it passes a delinting 
process using dlint and I can do a zone transfer fine. The secondary will 
not update. I turned on 2nd level debugging and tried a reload and did not 
see anything in the file. Doing a dig on the soa for both the 
zones reveals that the serial numbers, as expected, are one behind on the 
Right now running "top" on the secondary reveals that named is at 18 megs.....
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