Final results of the evening

Henri J. Schlereth henris at
Mon Nov 29 05:55:47 UTC 1999

1.) I set a third name server in the neandertal name space and made it
a slave and the notifies worked fine. So I am fairly convinced that 
there are no apparent software errors on the NOTIFY part.

2.) I removed kesrith from the ACL notify list on webgalactic and
removed the also-notify as well. I then inserted a bogus additional
webgalactic name server and restarted. It promptly tried
to send a notify from the ACL list and as far as I know will either
keep trying or time out.

3.) When I remove the bogus ns records NOTIFY goes away. Period.
So it is possible that I still have a devious routing problem.

And the dig works BTW.
Enough for now I am going to sleep.


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