BIND 8.2.2 binary for NT

Julian Easterling julianeasterling at
Mon Nov 29 04:55:06 UTC 1999

I compiled the source of 8.2.2 version of BIND for an NT machine. I have
8.2.2 up and running on a NT 4 SP6 Server and other than a few non-critical
bugs, it works fine.  I am defining non-critical as: as long as when the
client(resolver) queries the name server, it returns the correct IP address
and the correct reverse lookup, it is fine.  I run a simple zone except that
the name server is running on a firewall machine.  So I have the one zone
file for the domain, and 3 "" files (including the loopback
lookup). Some of the problems, I have noticed are that the version just
shows as %VERSION% %WHEN% AND %WHOANDWHERE% during startup,"cannot set
resource limits on this system" and some various errors related UNIX
sockets.  BTW, if anyone out there know how I can fix these problems, I
would be interested.

 Unless there are any objections from ISC then I will send them to you.

Julian Easterling.

Len Conrad <lconrad at> wrote in message
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> Is this available somewhere?
> Len

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