BIND8.2.2 and special Characters

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Mon Nov 29 10:50:57 UTC 1999

Hi there !
Im upgrading our DNS Server from BIND 4.9.3 to BIND8.2.2. Everything
works fine but there one little big thing. The BIND4.9.3 Server knows
DNS Names including a "_" (underscore)  or "+" (Plus). Im sure that
these are not valid DNS Names, but they exist in the 4.9.3 Server. I´m
not sure if it is possible the change all DNS entries in order to
prevent big trouble in the pre x-mas time :-). Is there a switch/
option/ trick avaible to disable the syntax check of 8.2.2 ?
The 8.2.2. Server rejects all entries including these signs.

Any hints and tips a welcome !
Thanks in advance

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