files in the right place?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Nov 30 05:44:01 UTC 1999

> Everything looked like it installed smoothly ie: I did not get any error
> messages when I ran make install in telnet. But  I have noticed that
> there are many many directories and files in the tmp/src/  dir  that the
> book had me create (page 433). 

Right.  Those would be the directories described on p. 434, the
next page.

> Were these really supposed to go in the
> temp file or were they supposed to be dispersed throughout the correct
> directories on the server?

They're supposed to be extracted from the tar file you downloaded
and placed in their proper locations.

> Can you tell me if you think my install did not work correctly and what
> steps I can take to make sure that it is installed correctly. And
> please, if possible speak as plainly as possible, as I stated before I
> am very very new to this.

Did you read the file called INSTALL and follow the
directions therein?  They might be informative.


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