files in the right place?

Call Me Alice callmealice at
Tue Nov 30 00:36:11 UTC 1999

Hello, I am a new new  newbie so please bear with me.

I have the DNS and Bind book and with that (appendix B) and the INSTALL
file that came with the latest version of BIND, I have attempted to
install BIND on my soon to be (hopefully) remote linux Red HAt Name
Server. My question is this.

Everything looked like it installed smoothly ie: I did not get any error
messages when I ran make install in telnet. But  I have noticed that
there are many many directories and files in the tmp/src/  dir  that the
book had me create (page 433). Were these really supposed to go in the
temp file or were they supposed to be dispersed throughout the correct
directories on the server?

This directories and files include the following (these are just a few)
bin (directory)
Conf (directory)
include (directory)
lib (directory)
.cvsignore (file)
.systype (file)............. and more.

Can you tell me if you think my install did not work correctly and what
steps I can take to make sure that it is installed correctly. And
please, if possible speak as plainly as possible, as I stated before I
am very very new to this.

Much thanks


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