Ambiguous def of multiple CNAME

timothy at timothy at
Tue Nov 30 18:14:39 UTC 1999

> oak	IN	CNAME
> birch	IN	CNAME

This is kosher since can have as many CNAMEs associated with
it as you like.

> oak	IN	CNAME
> oak	IN	CNAME

This is forbidden IIRC.

> tree	IN	A
> tree	IN	A
> oak	IN	CNAME

IIRC, This is allowable and oak.<origin> will be cached as whichever IP 
is resolved the first time around in this round-robin situation.

> I am almost sure it's not kosher, but so far it's worked.  I'm on BIND8.2p1.

You certainly can.  we've done that for vs. vs., etc.  So that we only had to update one record for it to
propogate over all of our domains.



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