Ambiguous def of multiple CNAME

Christine.Tran at Christine.Tran at
Tue Nov 30 18:54:33 UTC 1999

>> I am almost sure it's not kosher, but so far it's worked.  I'm on BIND8.2p1.
>You certainly can.  we've done that for vs. vs.
>, etc.  

Sure, we do the same for our .com, .net and .org but I thought I read somewhere that stuck in my mind that to CNAME to a target outside of your control is to invite trouble because that target can move without you knowing.  If I CNAME to, and one day they decide to change it to, I'm doomed.

I have an internal server authoritative for	IN	CNAME

I use a forwarder.  When I look up, I time out.  My debug shows me finding as and the query is forwarded.  I expect an A RR back, but instead, I get a referal to the NS RR of  So my internal server tries to contact, which it can't, being internal and roped off from the world. 

However, if I first lookup my query is forwarded and answered, and I cache the response.  Now if I look up, I get an answer.  The repeats when the TTL for times out.  Why this disparate behavior?


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