reverse lookup problems from Unix to NT

Riggs, Joan Joan.Riggs at Schwab.COM
Tue Nov 30 18:14:09 UTC 1999

We are experiencing intermittent but frequent problems doing reverse lookups
from Unix machines to NT machines.
Lookups go thru an NT DNS server.  From Unix, the error message trying to do
a reverse lookup is as follows:

> *** can't find Non-existent
> host/domain
The zone files on the Unix DNS servers have NS records for the NT DNS
servers which should  pass the lookup 
request to WINS for NT resolution.    These are NT machines they are
attempting to resolve.  Sometimes it will 
resolve but often we experience errors as shown above.  This happens
frequently without notice then 
sometimes goes away for no explainable reason.

What can we check for ????  we are stymied by this problem.

thanks i9n advance

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