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> I have recently installed Linux (Mandrake 6.1) on my laptop, and
> want to use
> it to learn more about networking.
> Is it possible to set up DNS on the machine so that I can fake a
> hostname
> without screwing things up when I dial in to my ISP?
> I know I can do some things with /etc/hosts, but I really want to
> learn how to
> manage DNS. Most of the resources I have looked at are intended --
> and
> understandably so -- for those who actually have an IP number
> other than
> and are setting up DNS for real.
> Where can I get information about setting up a private DNS so that
> I can learn
> about networking with just my standalone laptop? (And please don't
> refer me to
> to any RFCs, I'm not there yet!)

set your loopback address ( as your nameserver in your
/etc/resolv.conf file. Then, setup BIND on your laptop, with some bogus
name-address information (ie: in /etc/named.conf, make a zone for the
domain, pointing to /var/namedb/; then, in the file
/var/namedb/, make an A record for as;
see the "DNS and BIND" book for details). See if you can get nslookup
on your laptop to resolve Then, if all works, you can set
up another machine as a resolver pointing to your laptop's ip address
as a nameserver.

You can go back to /etc/resolv.conf and put your ISP's nameserver back
in later. I hope this is what you are looking for.

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