Private DNS for learning:how?

Robert Watkins robertw at
Tue Nov 30 17:40:24 UTC 1999

I have recently installed Linux (Mandrake 6.1) on my laptop, and want to use 
it to learn more about networking.

Is it possible to set up DNS on the machine so that I can fake a hostname 
without screwing things up when I dial in to my ISP?

I know I can do some things with /etc/hosts, but I really want to learn how to 
manage DNS. Most of the resources I have looked at are intended -- and 
understandably so -- for those who actually have an IP number other than and are setting up DNS for real.

Where can I get information about setting up a private DNS so that I can learn 
about networking with just my standalone laptop? (And please don't refer me to 
to any RFCs, I'm not there yet!)

 -- Robert Watkins
r-watkinsNO at

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