*way* over my head here!!!

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I think two things will help you out:

Get the book "DNS and BIND, 3rd edition"

Lood at the searchable archives of this list found at:


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I'm new to this group, but I've read the FAQ through and not found anything
particular to my problem, which is:

I have ifihada.com with BIND running with apache (I'm a relative newbie if
you haven't already guessed!)

Two problems exist:
1) www.ifihada.com works... Although there's only a messy holding page there
atm... http://ifihada.com doesn't work... How do I get it to work?

I don't have direct access to the BIND settings, only through a web-panel. I
took a screenshot of what I have to work with at: www.ifihada.com/dns.gif -
Is this enough to acheive what I want???

I need to know how to get http://ifihada.com to work...

*Any* help is appreciated!!!

2) How do I set up http://robotics.ifihada.com, for example?

As I said... I'm completely in the dark about BIND and DNS, so *any* help is


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PS: My current full settings are included below, on the offchance they might
help <grin>:

  Domain: ifihada.com

$ORIGIN com.
 ifihada IN SOA uk2net.com. hostmaster.ifihada.com.
  IN NS ultra7.uk2net.net.
  IN NS ultra8.uk2net.net.
  IN MX 10 ultra7.uk2net.net.
  IN MX 0 ultra8.uk2net.net.
  IN A
 $ORIGIN ifihada.com.
 mail IN A
 ftp IN A
 www IN CNAME ifihada.com.

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