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jbp <me at jpixton.dircon.co.ukpiss> wrote:
>I'm new to this group, but I've read the FAQ through and not found anything
>particular to my problem, which is:
>I have ifihada.com with BIND running with apache (I'm a relative newbie if
>you haven't already guessed!)
>Two problems exist:
>1) www.ifihada.com works... Although there's only a messy holding page there
>atm... http://ifihada.com doesn't work... How do I get it to work?
>I don't have direct access to the BIND settings, only through a web-panel. I
>took a screenshot of what I have to work with at: www.ifihada.com/dns.gif -
>Is this enough to acheive what I want???
>I need to know how to get http://ifihada.com to work...
>*Any* help is appreciated!!!

www.ifihada.com is an alias for ifihada.com in DNS, so you don't need to
change anything there.  So it's probably an Apache virtual host
configuration problem.  You need to define the ifihada.com virtual host to
be the same as www.ifihada.com.

>2) How do I set up http://robotics.ifihada.com, for example?

You need to add

robotics CNAME ifihada.com

and then in the Apache configuration you need to create this virtual host.

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