*way* over my head here!!!

James Housley jim at thehousleys.net
Fri Mar 24 19:07:24 UTC 2000

jbp wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm new to this group, but I've read the FAQ through and not found anything
> particular to my problem, which is:
> I have ifihada.com with BIND running with apache (I'm a relative newbie if
> you haven't already guessed!)
> Two problems exist:
> 1) www.ifihada.com works... Although there's only a messy holding page there
> atm... http://ifihada.com doesn't work... How do I get it to work?
> I need to know how to get http://ifihada.com to work...
DNS looks right.  The problem is probably in apache.

> *Any* help is appreciated!!!
> 2) How do I set up http://robotics.ifihada.com, for example?
Add an other entry into the screen you sent.

> As I said... I'm completely in the dark about BIND and DNS, so *any* help is
> brilliant!
The BIND and DNS books is a must.  You should also get the Apache Book. 

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