how to send notify message to specific server

Jim Reid jim at
Sat Mar 25 00:11:28 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Fujita" == FUJITA Kazutoshi <fujita at> writes:

    Fujita> [1] When the data is updated on '', I
    Fujita> want to let '' send NOTIFY message to
    Fujita> '' only.  [2] And I want to let
    Fujita> '' send NOTIFY message to the other
    Fujita> servers(dns[234]

    Fujita> Maybe, [2] is possible.  But, I don't know how to describe
    Fujita> named.conf to realize [1].  Is this possible ?

I think so. If you disable notify by default - use a "notify no;"
clause in the options{} statement - your master name server won't
send notifies. Zone-specific notify clauses can then be used to switch
on notify processing. So, that way, the master server could/should be
configured to only send a NOTIFY to and that can
send NOTIFYs to dns[234] Make sure that the name
servers that get sent NOTIFYs have the address of the server that
sends the NOTIFYs in their masters{} clauses. ie. That clause on should have an entry for the IP address of The relevant zone{} statements in named.conf on
dns[234] should have entries for
For [2], named.conf's also-notify clauses are your friend....

Personally, I don't see the need for this complexity. Why wait for
dns1 to update the zone and send NOTIFYs to the other name servers?
What is the benefit of this extra overhead? Why not let dns0 send them
to all the zone's servers so that the zone updates can be propagated
everywhere at once?

PS: PLEASE don't use invented domains like or fake IP
addresses when you post questions to this list. Always use the actual
names and addresses. For one thing, it makes troubleshooting easier.
It also makes it a lot easier to provide clear answers when the real
domain names and addresses can be quoted rather than abstract,
invented ones. And sometimes those made-up names or addresses really
do exist. For instance, the domains and
*really* exist.

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