Reload depending on Zonefiles

Johnno johnno at
Sat Mar 25 02:34:13 UTC 2000

Ralf Hildebrandt <R.Hildebrandt at> wrote:

> I want to use "make" from a hourly cron-job to automagically issue an
> "ndc reload" whenever a zonefile of a master zone changed.
> How do I do this? I have problems to get the Makefile right:
> all:    ../../var/run/
> ../../var/run/ \
>                                 ndc -c /var/spool/named/var/run/ndc reload
> Sorry for being so ignorant.

Are you manually updating zonefiles for specific domains?  If you're manually
modifying zonefiles, you can pass the domain name as an argument to ndc.

For example: "ndc reload"

If you're running a large nameserver which contains a lot of zones, it's
probably unwise to reload the entire database.  "ndc reload" by itself will
reload all of your zones, and it's really not necessary to do that unless the
zone has changed.

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