Reload depending on Zonefiles

Ralf Hildebrandt R.Hildebrandt at
Sat Mar 25 14:54:29 UTC 2000

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 07:30:25PM +0000, Barry Margolin wrote:

> That looks like it should work, assuming the relative path to is
> correct.  Also, make sure that the "ndc" line begins with a TAB, not
> spaces; make is picky about the difference.

Yup. It worked. Nevertheless I'm in an "optimizing mood":

Assume only one zone changed -- why issue a ndc reload? 
A "ndc reload zone" should suffice. 


a) My knowledge of Make is exhausted...
b) Does ndc accept this syntax: "ndc reload zonea, zoneb, zonec, ..." ?
c) If not, does it hurt to say "ndc reload zonea", "ndc reload zoneb" in
   quick succession ?
Is there a generic recipe for that ?
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