Bind 8.2.2p5 listening on random UDP ports?

Jim Reid jim at
Sat Mar 25 23:56:43 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Lincoln" == Lincoln Yeoh <lyeoh at> writes:

    Lincoln> Hi, Anyone know why my BIND nameds are listening on
    Lincoln> random UDP ports? Bound to any interface too!
    Lincoln> And I went to the trouble of binding them to particular
    Lincoln> interfaces too.  Sheesh.

The name server uses a random, non-privileged port for sending queries
to other name servers. This port number is reported in the logs when
the name server starts:
	Forwarding source address is [].nnnnn
where nnnnn is the port number it uses.

This port is not used for receiving queries. [How could another name
server know which (random) port the name server was using today?] If a
query is sent to this port, a waring is generated in the logs.

The query-source clause can be used to tell the name server which
address and/or port number should be used for making queries to other
name servers.

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