SOA Minimum error

Roger Marquis not-for-mail at
Sun Mar 26 01:26:08 UTC 2000

Adding $TTL will prevent the error message, it will also break all
known versions of nslint.

This is a bug, not a feature.  The default zone TTL is already
specified after the default zone serialno, refresh, retry, and
expire.  Whovever added the "default, default" TTL qualification
evidently bypassed any code reviews.

Roger Marquis
Roble Systems Consulting

Christoph Kuhles <ck at> wrote:
>> When I reboot my dns server in my logs I get no default ttl set using soa
>> minimum instead.  What does this mean and how did I fix it.  Also  how do
>> you set up in dns a fall back for mailserver if like one fails.
>$TTL 86400
>as the first line of each of your zonefiles, and the error will 

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