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Sun Mar 26 21:53:04 UTC 2000

> Adding $TTL will prevent the error message, it will also break all
> known versions of nslint.
> This is a bug, not a feature.  The default zone TTL is already
> specified after the default zone serialno, refresh, retry, and
> expire.  Whovever added the "default, default" TTL qualification
> evidently bypassed any code reviews.

	Roger, go read RFC2308 and then you will hopefully understand
	why $TTL was created.  RFC2308 is two years old and is a
	standards track RFC.  There was plenty of peer-review.


	P.S. There is no requirement to use $TTL.  You can achieve the
	same effect by add explict TTLs to all records.
> -- 
> Roger Marquis
> Roble Systems Consulting
> Christoph Kuhles <ck at> wrote:
> >> When I reboot my dns server in my logs I get no default ttl set using so
> a
> >> minimum instead.  What does this mean and how did I fix it.  Also  how d
> o
> >> you set up in dns a fall back for mailserver if like one fails.
> >
> >Put
> >
> >$TTL 86400
> >
> >as the first line of each of your zonefiles, and the error will 
> >disappear.
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