Any obvious mistake ?

girishpd at girishpd at
Sun Mar 26 14:09:24 UTC 2000


I'm not sure, if this is the right forum, but I'm getting this Bind
error, which I'm unable to find the cause.I'm using Granitecanyon to
point one of the domains to an existing IP. Here are the records :
*******************         IN NS         IN NS

localhost        IN A         IN A         IN MX 10
*       IN MX 10 ; GLOBALOK         IN RP      IN TXT  "GIRISH, NIC Handle:GPD13"

It appears in the rejected list with this error :
No default TTL set using SOA minimum instead
master zone "" (IN) rejected due to errors (serial 153327632)
master zone "" (IN) removed

Similar entry is working for another domain, which I registered a year

I would really appreciate if anybody could point out any mistakes, or
if u could give me a lead, to start looking.


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