.US Domains with PublicDNS via granitecanyon

Steve Senator sts+bind-users at senator.colospgs.co.us
Sun Mar 26 21:31:07 UTC 2000

Eton R. writes:
 > you have to first register a domaine name with internic and use
 > ns1.granitecanyon.com for dns then create a domain zone with granitecanyon

There's no requirement to do things in that order, or even to use
the InterNic. In fact we'd prefer if you use Register.COM. For
geographic zones, the process would be:
1 - Register with the relevant Registrar
   (NIC.US, Register.COM, Network Solutions, etc.
A - Register with the Public DNS

The above can be done in any order. The reason that it can be done
in any order is because ns1.granitecanyon.com and
ns2.granitecanyon.com already exist and are not within the zone being

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