.US Domains with PublicDNS via granitecanyon

Steve Senator sts at granitecanyon.com
Sun Mar 26 21:25:24 UTC 2000

David Johnson writes:
 > I would like to configure a domain troop20.wilton.ct.us for my new Boy Scout
 > webpage. The DNS will be provided by granite canyon PublicDNS.  I am
 > confused about the registration procedure.  Which do I have to register with
 > first, Granite Canyon PublicDNS or nic.us?

It doesn't matter which order you do this.
Just name ns1.granitecanyon.com and ns2.granitecanyon.com with

You do not need to involve Network Solutions at all for geographic
domains. The InterNIC references are somewhat dated, as any registrar
will do for the .COM, .EDU, .NET and .ORG domains. We'd actually
prefer if you use Register.COM because they then donate a fraction of
the fee to us, but that's entirely the registrant's choice.

-Steve Senator, for the Public DNS

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