Granitecayon set up and in-addr delegation question. please help.

ed gte594e at
Sun Mar 26 20:41:46 UTC 2000

Hi. I am trying to setup granitecanyon(1) to provide DNS for my friend's
website which he'll be hosting at his home computer. I have created a zone
file which I think is correct according to the example they give (see

My friend wants it set up so that he can have his computer serve as the web,
ftp, and mail server. I submitted this information a few days ago but the
changes have not worked. The final step at granitecanyon is to "Re-delegate
the in-addr Domain" but the steps given on the page(2) are extremely
confusing and the only link that works on the page is also confusing. Can
someone please let me know if the zone file looks correct and how to
delegate the in-addr domain? or point me to info on how to do it? Thanks!

The zone file:
; Zone file for (made up name);
;define nameservers             IN     NS             IN     NS

;define RP's             IN     RP   IN    TXT "Friend's Name"

;define localhost
localhost                   IN     A

;define zone itself             IN     A
www                        IN     CNAME
ftp                            IN     CNAME

;define MX           IN     MX 10

; end

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