Granitecayon set up and in-addr delegation question. please help.

Fred Viles fv4 at
Mon Mar 27 06:11:39 UTC 2000

gte594e at (ed) wrote in <8blsh6$hfl$1 at news>: 

>Hi. I am trying to setup granitecanyon(1) to provide DNS for my
>friend's website which he'll be hosting at his home computer. I
>have created a zone file which I think is correct according to the
>example they give (see below).

Most likely, you don't have to worry about this.  I can't confirm for 
sure because you haven't provided any useful information.

Your ISP should already provide valid reverse and forward lookup for 
your IP address via some generic name, which is all that's needed in 
most cases.

- Fred

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