named Messages in /var/log/messages?

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 27 21:00:34 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Kraemer <kraemer at> writes:

    Stefan> Hello everybody, I need some help with my named
    Stefan> configuration. Since a short time ago my /var/log/messages
    Stefan> seems to blow up every hour.  What does following message
    Stefan> meen, wich is loged every hour (with nearly the same
    Stefan> content):

These messages are normal. They show that the name server is running
normally: they're not an indication of a problem.

    Stefan> Mar 27 14:15:25 pc0 named[107]: Cleaned cache of 34 RRsets

34 resource record sets were expired from the name server's cache
since the last time it cleaned up the cache.

    Stefan> Mar 27 14:15:25 pc0 named[107]: USAGE 954159325 954155726 CPU=0.5u/0.25s CHILDCP U=0u/0s 

The name server started at 954155726 seconds after the UNIX epoch and
the messages were logged at 954159325 after that time: Mon Mar 27
12:15:26 GMT and Mon Mar 27 13:15:25 GMT respectively. In the hour the
name server has been running, it has used half a second of CPU time in
user mode and 0.25 of a second executing in system mode. No CPU time
was needed for child processes forked by the name server.

    Stefan> Mar 27 14:15:25 pc0 named[107]: NSTATS 954159325 954155726 A=358 SOA=1 PTR=95 MX=25 ANY=87 

This is a breakdown of the number of queries the name server has
received since it started: 358 requests for A records, 1 for a SOA
record, etc.

    Stefan> Mar 27 14:15:25 pc0 named[107]: XSTATS 954159325 954155726 RR=114 RNXD=3 RFwdR=9 3 RDupR=0 RFail=0 RFErr=0 RErr=2 RAXFR=0 RLame=0 ROpts=0 SSysQ=21 SAns=474 SFwdQ =95 SDupQ=6 SErr=0 RQ=566 RIQ=0 RFwdQ=0 RDupQ=0 RTCP=0 SFwdR=93 SFail=0 SFErr=0 SNaAns=71 SNXD=39

This is a breakdown of the queries the name server has made and the
answers it has given. It received 114 answers from other name servers,
3 of which were NXDOMAIN: "so such host/domain". It received 566
queries, 6 of which were duplicates. Of the 474 answers it sent, 71
were non-authoritative answers and 39 were NXDOMAIN because the names
being looked up did not exist.

    Stefan> How can I disable this!

In BIND8 setting the statistics-interval to zero will do this but why
would you want to ignore such useful information? By default, the name
server generates these messages every hour.

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