Best choice for the Newbie??

Harry is4 at
Mon Mar 27 21:59:52 UTC 2000


I find myself with the task of creating/enabling/administering a DNS
on my NT server. (primary? secondary? both? I have no clue yet)

It appears that the server already has 
BIND NT v4.9.7Rel and also 
MS's Domain Name Service Manager v4.0 (build 1381: service pack 5)
loaded on the machine.

I am assuming I should (or must) pick one and leave the other in order
to correct admin my DNS service.

So being as newbie as they come to the world of DNS - my question is:

Which one of these programs will be the least painful to learn with?!?
and where are the excellent faqs, websites etc.........

PS: The replyto on this post is bogus please email or cc me at
harry at

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