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Tue Mar 28 08:44:45 UTC 2000

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> From: is4 at (Harry)

> I find myself with the task of creating/enabling/administering a DNS
> on my NT server. (primary? secondary? both? I have no clue yet)
> It appears that the server already has
> BIND NT v4.9.7Rel and also
> MS's Domain Name Service Manager v4.0 (build 1381: service pack 5)

> Which one of these programs will be the least painful to learn with?!?

I have used both, and I recommend BIND over Microsoft. The Microsoft
server has a misleading GUI which will rewrite your zone files, replacing
your layout and comments with its own. Also, I have never been able to get
it to work properly on systems that use PPP. However, if you have a lot of
NT boxes, you might like the DHCP-WINS-DNS integration.

OTOH, BIND 4.9.7 has security holes (although I don't remember whether
they're relevant on NT), and 8.2.2-P5 seems to crash whenever it cannot
reach its primaries to pull zones (due to e.g. a network outage).

> and where are the excellent faqs, websites etc.........

For BIND, check out the ISC site. For Microsoft DNS, have a look at

> PS: The replyto on this post is bogus please email or cc me at
> harry at

Maybe the advice in this message is just bogus as well. After all, it's
nice to break things and annoy people now and then...


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