ctl_server: bind: Address alreay in use Help

Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Mon Mar 27 23:24:19 UTC 2000

>>>>> "elainerd" == elainerd  <elainerd at my-deja.com> writes:

    elainerd> I'm trying to run 2 named on the same system. One for an
    elainerd> internal network and one for an external network. What
    elainerd> I'm wondering about is: ctl_server: bind: Address
    elainerd> already in use.  From what I've read on the forum I
    elainerd> think this has to do with the named's not using unique
    elainerd> sockets? Or maybe I'm totally wrong, I'm no DNS expert.
    elainerd> Could someone give me an example of a controls {}
    elainerd> statement to make one named unique from the other.

What you need is two named.conf files: one for the internal name
server and one for the external. These should reference different
pathnames for zone files, logs, named.pid, ndc control sockets and so
on. This way the internal and external name servers won't overwrite
eacho other's status information. The two named.conf files will have
different controls{} statements and different listen-on clauses too.
ie One socket talks to the enternal name server which only handles
lookups from outside and another talks to the internal server that
deals with internal DNS lookups. There may be different access control
lists and other options for these two name servers. Different command
line arguments can be given so that the two name server processes read
different named.conf files.

    elainerd> Here is a section of my syslog, domains names
    elainerd> have been changed to protect the guilty.  

Please don't do this. You should always provide the actual domain
name. That way, people who might be able to help can troubleshoot
problems by checking delegations, querying name servers and so on.
It also helps when discussing problems to use the real domain name
rather than some abstract name like choose-the-domain-name.com.
Also, what *real* purpose is achieved by hiding the actual domain

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