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| 	I took a quick peek at both the archives and  RFC 2317 - but came up
| empty.  Are there any restrictions on Dynamic Updates of Classless
| zones?  The W2K MSFT Server Resource Kit doc states:
| 		"NOTE Dynamic update does not work with classless
| zones.  If you need to dynamically update PTR resource records,
| do not use classless zones".
| 		I am curious as to whether this is a generic DNS Server
| restriction - BIND and W2K DNS Server - or - just a  W2K DNS client / DHCP
| Server  restriction.  As well - could somebody possilby provide insight as
| to why this might be a restriction?

It might be because the expected setup for classless in-addr is the one
that uses CNAMEs.  I believe there was an RFC for it (I originally read
it while it was in draft).  It may be the case that these dynamic update
tools do not take the CNAMEs into account (would require more programming
to deal with) or is not designed to handle the extra hierarchy level in
the CNAMEs point to.

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