if named.ca used, login waits for long time

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at cospo.osis.gov
Wed Mar 29 21:53:54 UTC 2000

On Fri, Feb 25, 2000 at 04:32:51AM +0000, Taner Kaplan wrote:
> hello dears, 
> If I declare to use named.cache file on named.conf file,
> login comes late....
> here is sample....
> domain abc.com
> primary abc.com                         named.data
> primary 1.2.3.in-addr.arpa        named.data
> primary 0.0.127.in-addr.arpa   named.local
> forwarders ........                            
> cache       .                                      named.ca
> where named.ca contains
> .              3600000   IN NS    k.l.m
> k.l.m.     3600000   IN A
> tkaplan at tam.com.tr
> TAM Bilgi Ýletisim A.S.

The machine that you call "k.l.m" identifies itself as "dns.metu.edu.tr".
It is  n o t  a root server.  If you went to school there and that was
how they taught you to set up DNS, please get a copy of DNS & BIND and
find out what you missed.  ;-)  The named.ca file should contain the
list of root servers.

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