newbi question ... please help

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Mar 30 02:59:52 UTC 2000

Oswaldo E. Aguirre M. wrote:

> Hi, I'm new in this list ... I've been looking in some places but
> didnt got the answer ... I'm pretty sure this must have been in the
> archives but they are too big ..

Too big? I just searched "reverse subnet" for the comp.protocols.dns.bind
newsgroup on Dejanews and it came back with 300 hits within seconds.

> my question is, how do I construct
> reverse files for subnets of a class C network .. if anyone can
> get me the answer of let me know where can I find the answer, I'd
> pleased to look for it ... the thing is, we have many class C networks
> and we have divided them among some institutions, say network,
> institutions A, B, C, D ... is there a way to delegate subnet
> to A
> to B
> to C
> to D
> what should I put in the master file for this to work?

You could either define each address as a separate subzone (yuck!), or you
could just create aliases that point to names in zones controlled by the
various institutions. RFC 2317 explains the second option. The
$GENERATE master-file directive was created to facilitate just this kind of

- Kevin

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