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Wed Mar 29 22:42:10 UTC 2000

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DanO <express at> wrote:
>I'm one of those people that if it seems too simple. I worry.
>    So, here goes. I'm getting a SDSL connection for my home office.
>The ISP, Cais, says I can do whatever I want, Web server, dns, even dialup.
>So, they give me 8 static IP's to start, ( up to 32 for free ).
> I currently have 5 domain names registered to my company, and I'm going to
>setup my own name servers for those domains along with the web server.
>    1) How is the control of those IP's passed on to me.

Do you mean reverse DNS control?  See RFC 2317, or pp.214-218 of the
DNS&BIND book.

>    2) I assign the name servers each an IP,
>                     Who registers the servers ?

You do.

>    3) Are the IP's re-registered to me with Arin.

They probably should, but not all ISPs do.  Do a WHOIS query and find out
for sure.

>Is their anything I have to watch for in setting up my own servers? or is it
>as simple as it seems.

It's always seemed simple to me, but judging by the number of people who
ask how to do it in this newsgroup, I'm obviously an exception.

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