Correct format for RP record??

Thor Kottelin thor at
Thu Mar 30 13:04:39 UTC 2000

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> From: Jeff <jeff at>

> I'm trying to set up DNS through GraniteCanyon but am hung up on the RP
> record part. I put:
> IN RP NIC XX33323 Smith, Jeffrey
> GraniteCanyon responds:
> nslint: .//tmp/ "rp" garbage after text
> name:<blah blah>

   RP has the following format:

   <owner> <ttl> <class> RP <mbox-dname> <txt-dname>

   Both RDATA fields are required in all RP RRs.

   The first field, <mbox-dname>, is a domain name that specifies the
   mailbox for the responsible person.  Its format in master files uses
   the DNS convention for mailbox encoding, identical to that used for
   the RNAME mailbox field in the SOA RR.  The root domain name (just
   ".") may be specified for <mbox-dname> to indicate that no mailbox is

   The second field, <txt-dname>, is a domain name for which TXT RR's
   exist.  A subsequent query can be performed to retrieve the
   associated TXT resource records at <txt-dname>.  This provides a
   level of indirection so that the entity can be referred to from
   multiple places in the DNS.  The root domain name (just ".") may be
   specified for <txt-dname> to indicate that the TXT_DNAME is absent,
   and no associated TXT RR exists.

(RFC 1183)

So your RP record could read e.g.:		IN RP

...and the associated TXT record:	IN TXT	"NIC XX33323 Smith, Jeffrey"


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