Correct format for RP record??

Terry nottherightaddress at
Thu Mar 30 19:40:14 UTC 2000

> I'm trying to set up DNS through GraniteCanyon but am hung up on the
> record part.
> The FAQ doesn't seem to explain it well enough for a newbie. Can
> see what I'm doing wrong here?

Hi - I just had the same problem - see the 'Help Please' thread from
Terry for details, but my last message was.....
I did exactly what you suggested, cut and paste their 'example', when
this worked I then changed one thing at a time and tested it until I
had all my details inserted.  I still cannot find out what was wrong
in the first place,  once you have one file working all the others are
easy (with cut and paste)

Hope this helps - Terry.

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