Puzzling BIND error on granitecanyon.com

ahm at post.com ahm at post.com
Thu Mar 30 17:18:58 UTC 2000

Apologies for this post, but I've tried various iterations and nothing seems
to work. On granitecanyon, I get a BIND error of: ====== master zone
"constructivism.org" (IN) rejected due to errors (serial 153763880) no NS RRs
found at zone top ====== despite having copied the example zone file line for
line, replacing where necessary; I've got the NSes right at the top... ======
; Name Servers constructivism.org. IN NS ns1.granitecanyon.com.
constructivism.org. IN NS ns2.granitecanyon.com. ; multiple RP records
authorize others to submit zone changes ; from the email address in the first
field after the RP ; This email address is in DNS-email format. That is, ;
the '@' (at-sign) is replaced by '.' (dot or period.) constructivism.org. IN
RP ahm.stanford.edu. Alex.Montgomery.constructivism.org.
Alex.Montgomery.constructivism.org. IN TXT "Alex Montgomery" ; addresses for
the canonical names ; Many emailers expect the name localhost to exist ; in a
domain with this specific, reserved address. ; 127/8 or 127/ is the
address of LOOPBACK-NET ; is reserved to mean this host on the
LOOPBACK-NET localhost.constructivism.org. IN A ; an address for
the zone itself constructivism.org. IN A ====== Any suggestions
as to what's wrong are appreciated.

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