need help with child subdomains and zone transfers

Duane Cox dcox at
Fri Mar 31 01:37:10 UTC 2000

> I don't see anything wrong with the subdomain delegation.
> You need A records for and in the
> zone file.  Otherwise, how is anyone supposed to make use of
> those NS records?  The subdomain is totally irrelevant to this mistake.
> Similarly, you need an A record for and
> Maybe these things are in the real zone file, and you just sent an

YEAH I have all that info already, this was just an excerpt. :)

> The only time you need special A records when delegating a subdomain is
> when the nameservers for the subdomain have names in the subdomain, e.g.
> you were delegating to  In this
> case, you need a copy of the A record in the parent domain; this is called
> a "glue record".  However, in the special case where the master server for
> the parent domain is also a master or slave for the subdomain, this isn't
> really necessary -- named will automatically pull it from the subdomain.
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