need help with child subdomains and zone transfers

Barry Margolin barmar at
Thu Mar 30 23:16:25 UTC 2000

   From: "Duane Cox" <dcox at>
   Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 16:55:16 -0600

   SO let me post the zones to see if this is how to do it correctly..
   this is not currently setup, but want to make sure I am correct here...

I don't see anything wrong with the subdomain delegation.


You need A records for and in the zone file.  Otherwise, how is anyone supposed to make use of
those NS records?  The subdomain is totally irrelevant to this mistake.

Similarly, you need an A record for and

Maybe these things are in the real zone file, and you just sent an excerpt.

The only time you need special A records when delegating a subdomain is
when the nameservers for the subdomain have names in the subdomain, e.g. if
you were delegating to  In this
case, you need a copy of the A record in the parent domain; this is called
a "glue record".  However, in the special case where the master server for
the parent domain is also a master or slave for the subdomain, this isn't
really necessary -- named will automatically pull it from the subdomain.

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