Granite Canyon routing

philippe landau see at signat.ure
Fri Mar 31 03:58:55 UTC 2000

> Is this still an issue (March 30)?  My page is still unreachable.  Was
> working fine up until recently.
no, it was resolved, but there are new problems (not listed):
of course, verio is not first choice if you are looking for quality.
neither is granitecanyon, but unlike verio, they do not pretend to be.
unfortunately, the granitecanyon news server where
such problems could be at least discussed is again down since weeks.

kind regards     philippe,

            --- *** ---
> >Some of you may be wondering what is up with Granite Canyon.
> >Since this morning (29 February 2000) the route for our network,
> > has not been advertised by our ISP, Verio.
> >We encourage you to help us motivate them by calling 1-888-55VERIO
> >and asking them to re-publish the route to
> >to Senator Enterprises, their customer of record.

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