granitecanyon gone?

Thingol clarkweb at
Wed Mar 1 15:09:12 UTC 2000

Haven't seen nor heard from granitecanyon in over 24 hours; can't even
get to their website anymore.
Question for the group: I had set up with granitecanyon using the
unpublished primary method, with no problem. for primary, I ran a DNS
server on my box, got a canonical name from and told GC that my
nameserver was running on which seemed to work just fine.
I noticed granitecanyon was down, so i thought I'd try something. I
went to networksolutions, and registered as a host, which
allowed me to put the ip address of my machine in...I went into my DNS
server and put in as a "A" record...I then updated my
listing with networksolutions to show that was the primary
nameserver and put granitecanyon as secondary.
anyone think this will work? it seems like i'm swallowing my own tail,
so to speak.

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