Some questiones about DNS Redirection

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Wed Mar 1 17:18:56 UTC 2000

On Fri, Jan 28, 2000 at 03:06:47PM +0000, Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <49256874.002660ED.00 at>,  <scyoon at> wrote:
> >  1. Some people test DNS redirection. They said that redirected DNS query from
> >  a client resolver
> >  is success(Case 1), but query through a local DNS Server is fail(Case 2). What
> >  is the difference between two cases?
> >   Case 1: Client PC  --- L4 Switch (Alteon 180) ---- DNS Server      = success
> >   Case  2:  Client PC  --- local DNS Server --- L4 Switch (Alteon 180) ---- DNS
> >  Server  = fail
> >    Are there any differences between query packet format or flags ?
> Clients usually send queries with the Recursion Desired flag set.  Caching
> DNS servers usually send queries with this flag not set.

I've been 'way backed up with e-mail for various reasons, and a lot of
my stored e-mail just got corrupted.  ;-/  So apologies if this has
already been mentioned.

If the local DNS server HAS to go through the switch, and the switch is
sufficiently a network presence that it receives and redirects DNS
queries [which I find surprising but possible], then maybe you could
try "forward"ing your DNS queries to it.  That should set the Recurse
flag, eh?

I have never used this device, so no guarantees.

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