Solaris2.7 BIND 8.2.2pl5 Master, Win2k Secondary

Jonathan Hunt j.b.hunt at
Wed Mar 1 17:29:37 UTC 2000

Dear all,
I am new to the world of BIND but I can;t seem to find an 
answer to my question in archives.
I have setup Solaris 2.7 with BIND 8.2.2pl5 as the primary name server.
I am trying to set up a Win2k server as the secondary.
When I try to configure DNS on the Win2k using the wizard and try to connect
to the existing BIND server I always get back a message saying that

"the specified DNS server cannot be contacted to collect root hints."

DNS is running on the solaris box. I can query it with nslookup.
I have downloaded the root name server file and have it as db.cache
I have informed BIND of the Secondary.
I am testing this out on 192.168.x.x private network at the moment, could
this be affecting it, and are there any pointers to setting up BIND and 
DNS on private networks
Am i missing something obvious? 

Also is this a set up that will work in practice on the Internet, with BIND as
primary and Win2k as secondary or would it be better to delegate authority to
an ACtive Directory enabled subdomain to contain these objects all running
under win2k dns.

Many thanks for your help in advance

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