Granite Canyon Down

That Whiley Marm0t marm0t at
Wed Mar 1 16:53:13 UTC 2000

Since neither of these servers seems to be responding to DNS queries,
can someone offer the name of a "paid for" dns domain server?  I like
the idea of public DNS, but this is ridiculous.

Whiley Marm0t

In article <cxYu4.6$n3.1443 at>,
  "David Cost" <dcost at> wrote:
> Speaking of Granite Canyon, I just noticed it appears to be down.
> Fortunately, I used RealDNS for our secondary Nameserver and it looks
> it is working ( At $2.00 per year it is a
> precaution. (Using for the Domain registrations at
> $20.00/year.)

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