Robert Everland III reverland at orlando.com
Wed Mar 1 17:32:42 UTC 2000

	Ok luckily I decided to test my DNS server with some domains that didn't
matter. I made a demo DNS on my LAN to test all the zone and they tested
perfectly, but now that I changed my DNS and have a domain on there, my DNS
server doesn't want to give any information on it. When I change the IP
address to another machine. It will time out for my 2 DNS servers but then
the IP address I am using to verify my DNS is able to pick it up and give an
authoritative answer. So of course this won't work in the real world. I am
only changing certain domains at a time to insure that there is nothing
wrong so my service provider still does DNS for our main domain ORLANDO.COM
and I am not sure if this is causing the problems. Can anyone look at my it
and tell me what is wring with it? Nameservers NS1.ORLANDO.COM
NS2.ORLANDO.COM and the domain is FLORIDATENNIS.COM . I am pulling my hair
out here.

Robert Everland III
Network Administrator

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