Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Wed Mar 1 23:04:40 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Everland <reverland at orlando.com> writes:

    Robert> Ok either I have found a bug with the BIND 8 port or it's
    Robert> becuase human error. I can not get Bind to listen on any
    Robert> port but my first ip address.  This is my options I have
    Robert> listed. Is it my script or the program?????? I have taken
    Robert> of the listen on too and that didn't help either.  

    Robert> options {
    Robert>	directory "e:\bind\etc";
    Robert>	allow-transfer {; };
    Robert>	listen-on {; };
    Robert> };

Human error is the most likely explanation. The listen-on statement
above will make the name server only listen for queries on the
interface with address If this is the computer's
"first interface", then the name server will only be doing what you've
told it to do. If your computer has other network interfaces, you
should take a look at the name server's logs to find what is going
wrong. When you removed the listen-on clause, did you restart or
reconfig the name server? [It won't re-read the config file
otherwise.] And what was in the logs? There will be details there
about what the name server has done. Be sure to rule out other
possible explanations: perhaps there are syntax errors elsewhere in
named.conf or maybe the name server is reading a different file from
the one you've been editing?

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