Robert Everland III reverland at orlando.com
Wed Mar 1 23:17:14 UTC 2000

I have found that it is physcially not binding it no matter what I do. I
have an intel proset 100+ so I am not sure if it is the server or what. I
took out the listen on and it would only bind on one ip address when I have
about 10 on that computer. Another windows NT machine I am running this
program on worked perfectly. It binded to 3 ip addresses that were on that
computer. Could it be the NIC card or what. Either way it's making me pull
out my hair.

Robert Everland III
Network Administrator

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> Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 6:05 PM
> To: Robert Everland III
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> Subject: Re: BUG OR HUMAN ERROR????
> >>>>> "Robert" == Robert Everland <reverland at orlando.com> writes:
>     Robert> Ok either I have found a bug with the BIND 8 port or it's
>     Robert> becuase human error. I can not get Bind to listen on any
>     Robert> port but my first ip address.  This is my options I have
>     Robert> listed. Is it my script or the program?????? I have taken
>     Robert> of the listen on too and that didn't help either.
>     Robert> options {
>     Robert>	directory "e:\bind\etc";
>     Robert>	allow-transfer {; };
>     Robert>	listen-on {; };
>     Robert> };
> Human error is the most likely explanation. The listen-on statement
> above will make the name server only listen for queries on the
> interface with address If this is the computer's
> "first interface", then the name server will only be doing what you've
> told it to do. If your computer has other network interfaces, you
> should take a look at the name server's logs to find what is going
> wrong. When you removed the listen-on clause, did you restart or
> reconfig the name server? [It won't re-read the config file
> otherwise.] And what was in the logs? There will be details there
> about what the name server has done. Be sure to rule out other
> possible explanations: perhaps there are syntax errors elsewhere in
> named.conf or maybe the name server is reading a different file from
> the one you've been editing?

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