Jim Reid jim at rfc1035.com
Wed Mar 1 23:46:30 UTC 2000

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Everland <reverland at orlando.com> writes:

    Robert> I have found that it is physcially not binding it no
    Robert> matter what I do. I have an intel proset 100+ so I am not
    Robert> sure if it is the server or what. I took out the listen on
    Robert> and it would only bind on one ip address when I have about
    Robert> 10 on that computer. Another windows NT machine I am
    Robert> running this program on worked perfectly. It binded to 3
    Robert> ip addresses that were on that computer. Could it be the
    Robert> NIC card or what.

Well this puts a different perspective on things. If the name server
does the right thing on one box but not the other, then the problem
has to be on that box, all other things being equal. So check the OS
and hardware configuration, patches, service packs, registry settings,
etc, etc. There has to be a difference that accounts for the different
behaviour. Identifying that difference is beyond me: all I know about
NT is that I don't like it and won't have it anywhere near me. Maybe
there's some NT weirdness about the number of addresses that can be
assigned to an interface? Not that that should matter to the name
server: what makes you think it has to listen on ALL of the
interface's addresses?

Another obvious thing to check is that the address in the listen-on
clause is one of the network interface addresses.

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