DNS-Problem ??

Barry Margolin barmar at bbnplanet.com
Thu Mar 2 18:23:32 UTC 2000

In article <38BEA81F.22D55565 at isr-netcom.de>,
Frank Luedke  <fl at isr-netcom.de> wrote:
>  I located a little problem: I saw in the DeNIC-Help-pages, that
> I *have* to configure the SOA-times in a special purpose
> (http://www.nic.de/hilfe/domainauftrag.en.html#NAMESERVER). 
> But the friend from another (german) ISP has the same SOA-times 
> than I have, which are different from the SOA-times mentioned by 
> the DeNIC. Therefore I think that this can not be my problem.

Maybe they changed the values that they require since he registered his
domain.  If they're that picky, I suggest you do what they say.  You can
always change it later, after they've installed the delegation records.

Another problem is that the slave server that you list in your NS records
doesn't seem to have the zone installed on it.  I think the DeNIC checks
all the servers before they'll install a domain.

>  In the DNS-HOWTO-Example, the domain-file does not contain
> the "IN". But the friend from the other ISP is using it like 
> above and he has no problems.

IN is the default, so it doesn't matter whether you include it or not.
It's just a matter of style and habit.

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